All dogs need exercise, even when there is inclement weather or you just don’t feel like going outside. Try playing some of these indoor games with your dog to keep them healthy and happy. In addition, playing with your dog, like training them, enhances the bond you share and helps them keep their focus on you!

Try some of these indoor games with your dog:

  • Where’s the treat? – put your dog in a SIT/STAY or DOWN/STAY about 3m away from 3 or 4 buckets or cups, then make sure they can see you place a treat or toy under one. Then say ‘WHERE’S THE TREAT?’ Give them their reward, and lots of praise, when they find the correct bucket.
  • Name that toy – Gather a group of toys that are noticeably different. Hold one up for your dog to sniff and see, get them excited, and toss it, saying WHERE’S YOUR [TOY NAME]? When they come back with it, give them lots of praise, then repeat with the other toys, staying consistent with your naming.
  • Find It! – Put your dog in a SIT/STAY. Show your dog a toy or treat and put it on the floor so the dog can see it. Say FIND IT! Continue and vary treat placement, or, for a real challenge, set up a roomful of hidden delights in advance. Watch your dog as they search, and tap your foot and give an OOH or gasp to get them excited about the ones they’ve missed.

Remember that basic obedience is the foundation for having fun with your dog-games and tricks should be a fun and rewarding bonding experience, not a stressful time, for you and your dog.

For more indoor games and tips please visit this site:

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